Steven Price’s latest novel, By Gaslight, started with a tale – a yarn he was told by a reclusive great uncle about why his great-grandfather came to Canada. Price took germ of inspiration and ran with it. Opening in London in 1885, By Gaslight is the story of detective William Pinkerton and a thief called Adam Foole. Sprawling across two decades, it takes readers from opium dens of Victorian London to the diamond mines of South Africa, and the battlefields of the U.S. Civil War.

Price is the author of two award-winning poetry books, Anatomy of Keys, a 2007 winner of the Gerald Lampert Award, and Omens in the Year of the Ox, winner of the 2013 ReLit Award. His acclaimed first novel, Into That Darkness, published in 2011, is the harrowing tale of one man’s struggles after Vancouver is devastated by a major earthquake. Into That Darkness was nominated for the Dorothy Livesay prize and was a Globe and Mail notable book of the year.

A graduate of the University of Victoria, and the University of Virginia, Price teaches poetry and fiction at the University of Victoria.

Appearing in: 36. A Victorian Investigation: Historical Fiction, 39. Saturday Night SpeakEasy.