Susan Scott wears many hats. As an author, her output includes Temple in a Teapot and a memoir-in-progress, Sainted Dirt: Reckonings with Land, Language, Family and Imperfect Teaware. As a community builder, she works with artists, scholars and activists to release powerful, transgressive stories that inspire grassroots change and healing. As The New Quarterly’s non-fiction editor, she directs Write on the French River Creative Writing Retreat and serves as associate director of the Wild Writers Literary Festival.

Susan is also the editor of Body & Soul: Stories for Skeptics and Seekers, a new collection of stories that centre on the various forms that spirituality can take, focusing on female perspectives on spirituality and writing. Reflecting on the experience of compiling the anthology to All Lit Up, Scott writes that “When I put the call out for this book, I had no idea what would flood in: tales of birds and clowns and wombs and songs, reflections on heart-stopping adventures, betrayal by razor blade, devotion to trees and rivers, to the art and craft of writing.”

Susan currently lives in Waterloo, on the Haldimand Tract, in the heart of the Great Lakes basin.

Appearing in: 14. Skeptics and Seekers: What is Spiritual Living?, 17. Top 20 Writing Gaffes You Can Catch Yourself