“There appears to be an incredible thirst for cultural knowledge and teachings as offered and supplied through representative cultural teachers,” says Terri-Lynn Brennan “The call for more Traditional Knowledge Keepers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers and Elders to enter classrooms and/or provide outreach… is a great need and desire across our community.”

Building communities through the equal inclusion of Indigenous voices and action, Dr. Terri-Lynn Brennan has lived and working in various global and economic spaces including the South Pacific, the UK and Europe, Egypt, Nepal and across North America. Within the sectors of archaeology, culture, education and sociology, Terri-Lynn has designed, implemented and delivered projects that have shifted societal systems to become more inclusive toward minority populations. She recently returned to the region of her Haudenosaunee ancestry with a goal to continue building the organisational capacity of agencies who are knowingly taking a step toward Indigenous truth and reconciliation.

Appearing in: 17. Paths to Understanding: Indigenous Women Write