Tricia Knowles (she/her) is a queer arts promoter and cultural curator, who has a passion for creative placemaking and for crafting interactive, immersive events which inspire residents to be part of the change they want to see in their community. She holds a certificate in Cultural Planning and Development from UBC and a diploma in Radio and Television Arts (Broadcast Journalism) from NSCC.

Tricia is an activist who strives for connection of self in tandem with the cycles of nature. She supports dismantling the patriarchy, female and non-binary empowerment, learning new ways to de-colonize and de-program how we show up in the world. She is a lover of both old-timey and contemporary circus and is a stilt walker and costumer. Other joy practices include swimming, bicycles, sex, dancing, foraging for mushrooms and herbs, and getting lost in a fabulous book.

She is currently the Marketing & Communications Manager for PuSh International Performing Arts Festival in Vancouver in addition to her role as Marketing Director with Kingston WritersFest.

Appearing in 21. Cracks in the Foundation