Growing up, Wesley King wanted to be a Jedi. “I used to throw rubber balls off my bedroom wall, close my eyes, and try to hit them with a stick.” When he missed, he assumed he needed more practice. When he hit them, he assumed he had the Force.

As time went by, society mandated that he try other things. It turned out that he was pretty good at sports: he won three Athlete of the Year Awards at his high school. Little did his teammates know that he was sleeping in Star Wars bed sheets at night.

But Wesley also loved to write. As a kid, his favourite topics were space, fantasy realms, and superheroes.

His first book, The Vindico, married these loves in an exuberant, action-packed story about a group of teens who can acquire any superpower they want—as long as they pledge allegiance to one of the world’s most notorious villains.

“Brilliantly combines teenage points of view and emotions with comic book excitement,” says VOYA in a starred review. Winner of the Red Maple Award, The Vindico established Wesley as a kids’ writer to watch, a reputation that his follow-up, The Feros, firmly cemented.

His latest, The Incredible Space Raiders from Space!, takes readers on an important mission: to venture into the Dark Zone and save the universe from the Entirely Evil Things. “Full of exciting chases and clever battle strategies. If readers wanted to describe this book in Internet terms, they would be emoticons: wide-eyed surprise, tears at a few late revelations, and many smiley faces at the end,” says Kirkus Review.

Wesley lives and writes in Oshawa, Ontario, where he spends most of his time in imagined universes of superpowered children, dying stars, and dystopian fantasy realms.

Appearing in 30. A Jedi’s Guide to Writing Fantasy for Kids, and 38. Adventures in Space!

The Vindico: