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    Are you a writer in search of a Writing Group? Are you a Writing Group in search of new members? Let people know. Click on this topic to join the discussion.

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    Yes, looking for a group! Mature adult, but beginner writer. Interested in a group that meets evenings.

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    Would love to join a writing group to learn from others. I have yet to be successful in any form of writing outside of the corporate world.

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    Holly Richards

    I’m also interested. I have so many ideas but get sidetracked, it’d be nice to be held accountable. Why don’t we start one? I’m avaliable all evenings and perhaps we could meet up at a coffee shop or library.

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    I am a freelance writer, specializing in travel. My preference would be to connect other non-fiction writers.

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    Holly Richards

    I’ve started a group on Facebook called Kingston womens writers group. The plan is to meet every Wednesday evening from 7-8ish and the plan is to rotate where we meet every week.

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    Richard Moulton

    Writ Large: Kingston Writers’ Group

    We are a group of committed, easy-going writers of fiction and creative non-fiction.
    We have a sense of humour.
    We have a range of writing experience; some of us are published and some of us aren’t (but we live in hope).
    We love words.

    Our events include monthly critique circles, writing workshops and social events. For more details, find us on Meetup.

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    Richard Moulton

    Writ Large is no longer on Meetup, but we are still meeting virtually every month. New members at any stage of writing are always welcome.

    Group and event details are on our website: https://richard-moulton.github.io/WritLarge/index.html

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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