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Community Partners

Arts Partners

♦   Blue Canoe / The Juvenis Festival   ♦   Kingston Canadian Film Festival   ♦  Reelout Arts Project

2020 Author Patrons

Would you like to support Kingston WritersFest in a very personal way? Find out how you can become a 2020 Author Patron.

Sara Arrowsmith | Robyn Doolittle
Ian Arthur | Torbjørn Ekelund
Doriana Bisegna | Marianne Boucher
Judith Brown | Desmond Cole
Blurred Words Book Club | Ben Charland, Aislinn Hunter
Book Clubs Uniter | Danielle Younge-Ullman
Florence Campbell | Anita Jack-Davies
Chez Piggy and Pan Chancho Bakery | Catherine Bush
Alison & Candice Clark | Gwen Benaway
Chris Everdell | Annabel Lyon
Virginia Gordon & Lynne Kenny | Jeff Rubin
Mary Ann Higgs | Darrell Bricker
Steve Iscoe & Jan Walter | Thomas Homer-Dixon
Jo-Anne Lachapelle-Beyak | Ben McNally

Patricia MacKay & Gillian Graham | Joan Thomas, Jane Urquhart
David O’Toole & Julie Leclerc | Tessa McWatt
Ann-Maureen & Peter Owens | Carol Off
Steve Page in honour of Joanne Page | Sadiqa de Meijer
Rider Burbidge Hurley Foster | John Stackhouse
Michael Robinson | Linwood Barclay
Mark Siemons, Altair Electronics | Helen Humphreys
George Thomson | Thomas King
Toonie Book Club | Shani Mootoo
Wintergreen Studios (with funding from the McArthur Connidis Art Fund) | Steve Heighton, Lorna Crozier

2019-2020 BookLover Donors

Would you like to support Kingston WritersFest? Find out how you can become a BookLover Donor.

Opus Donor: $1,000+
Mayvis Goranson
Maureen Lascelles
Novel Idea
Penguin Random House Canada
Michael & Penny Robinson
Jennifer Surridge

Classic Donor: $500-$999
Sandra Baxter in memory of Lina Benotto
B’nai Brith Kingston
Maxine + Mike Bowen
Kingston Commerce Centre
Julie Leclerc

Sonnet Donor: $50 to $499

Marilyn Banting
Deborah Barrett, in honour of Jan Walter
Jean Rae Baxter
Doriana Bisegna
Eugene Black
Suzanne Bodner
Jane Boulden
Mary Burbidge
Mary Carlson
Lizette Chalk
Patricia Coroy
Stephanie Dickey
Margaret Dickson
Mara Fioramanti
Frances Flett
Lorna Gallis
Laurie Gordon
Catherine Gourdier in memory of Neta Gourdier
Susan Greaves

Melanie Harris
Gayle Johnson
Jane Kitchen
Richard Kizell
Barbara Love
Katherine Manley in memory of Bea Anhalt
Kathryn McConnell
Peter Milliken
Gonny Moncur
Lindsay Morgan
Read and Red Book Club
Elinor Rush
LaVerne Russell
Cheryl Skinner
Susan Taylor
Cécyle Trépanier
Charlotte Turnbull
Virginia Wakeford
Jan Walter
Erica Wyncoll + Thomas Kerr
Cherrilyn Yalin

Gifts In Kind Sponsors